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The 12 Tone System is based on the science of natural colour harmony, accurate interpretation of the Munsell Colour System, full spectrum light theory, human physiology and psychology. No wonder it's so good!  


we'll tell you the truth about colour!

"Having previously been analysed using a number of different systems in Australia, I was confused, and didn't want to waste any more money on analysis and clothing that wasn't right.  True Colour was able to systematically narrow down my colour options to the perfect palette.  I am confused no more!"    

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  • Accurately encompasses the full realm of colour -  the first personal colour system in the world to be based on precise attention to the three dimensions used to classify colour:  hue (warm/cool/neutral), value and chroma.
  • Reveals your natural colour harmony - the first personal colour system in the world to use colour gamuts based on the colour harmony and movement found in nature, so that the colour effects you create are effortless, naturally beautiful and as individual as you are.   
  • Provides distinctive, identifiable hues – there is no duplication across seasons and placement of colours is exacting; your palette is built from swatches selected from over 1600 colours.
  • A world community of colour tones – the system that naturally encompass the full range of skin tones found in all races and nationalities.
  • Premium quality personal colour palettes - made in Australia and available exclusively through True Colour. Hand finished, light fast, archival materials.
  • 65-70 hues in each palette – offering you thousands of combinations for versatility and individuality.


accuracy other systems can only dream of

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  • appear happier   
  • receive compliments
  • feel energised
  • gain confidence
  • save time
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